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Drama Bahasa Inggris untuk 4 Orang

Butuh drama untuk 4 orang?
Ini drama dalam Bahasa Inggris yang aku buat beberapa waktu lalu. Semoga bermanfaat

On school breaks, there are Dhea and Salma in front of the class. They are having a conversation. (narrator 1)
Salma : "Dhea, what do you think about the lessons in junior high school ? It is difficult, itsn't it?"
Dhea : "I think, as long as we want to learn and do all with sincerity, it will be easy"
Salma : "Hahay, I agree with you, so we must be a diligent child yeah? Okee !!
Emm, Btw Dhea, do you know how to make an Facebook (FB) account? " ~ ~
Dhea : " Make a Facebook account? Emm, I know ! "
Salma : "That's good, would you teach me how to make it, please !!"
Dhea : "Ok! First prepare a computer with an Internet connection, a valid email, friends who are also on
Salma : "Than?"
Dhea : " Go to, and look on the right. You should see, "Sign Up! It's free, and always will be. Fill up the form that you see such as your first name & last name. Provide your emaii address and password and re-enter your password. Next fill up your sex & birthday. Than hit the button "Sign up". Finnaly, the account FB is ready to use. In the rest you can fill up your religion, favorite book or music, your status etc. But, be careful when providing personal details and don't upload any pictures that you'll regret later. Anyone can save it and share with people you dislike or don’t know."
Salma : "Oh, like that, I understand. Thanks for the information Dhe "
Dhea : "Welcome"

Then, Nani come to join the conversation. She brings a book, but the cover of book is broken. (narrator 2)
Nani : "Hi friends !"
Dhea : "Hi"
Salma : "What’s up Nan?"
Nani : "Emm, I broken a book which I borrowed from Sinta, but it’s don’t my mean."
Salma : "What did you say?"

Nani : "I broken a book whitch I borrowed from Sinta. I feel guilty so I must apologize
to her and must substitute it with a new book."
Dhea : "Oh, I see Nan"
Nani : "Yeah, after the school, whould you accompany me to buy a new book in bookstore in Godean
Market ?
Salma : "Sorry Nan, I can’t because I have to go home on time, if not, my mother will be angry. So sorry
Nan !!
Dhea : "I can, it can for amuse me too, to forget my problem, hehe"
Nani : "It's okay Salma. Well Dhea, thanks! "

After school, Dhea and Nani go to the bookstore in the Godean Market. To go there, they just walk because the distance between their school and the bookstore not so far. In the bookstore …
(narrator 3)
Nani : "Here it is the bookstore, come on Dhea!"
Dhea : "Ok!."
Nani : "Good afternoon sir!"
Seller : "Good afternoon too. What can I do for you?"
Nani : "Emmmmm"
Dhea : "Well sir, my friend wants to buy a book in title ‘This Live’, Nur Rohman's work."
Seller : "Wait a minute, please!"
Nani : "Thank you Dhe"
Dhea : "Okay"
Seller : "This is a book that you mean"
Nani : "Yes sir, how much does it cost?"
Seller : "It cost Rp25.000"
Nani : "Wow, it so expensive, how about Rp20.000?"
Seller : "Sorry, it’s fixed price"
Nani : "O yeah, I will take it. Here is the money."
Seller : "Yes, here is the change. Thanks. Sometimes, buy books here again, please!" ^^
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